Digital Object Identifiers and Resolver Online Entity


The DOI.ONE System

DOI.ONE System Provides a Digital Network for Research Artical and Digital Objects. It Resolve Resource location and uniquely identify objects and binding Metadata. DOIOne Provide unique URL for each Digital Objects.

This is the web site of the DOI.ONE , a not-for-profit membership organization that is the governance and management body for the DOI.ONE providing Digital Object Identifier (DOI) services and registration, and is the registration authority. The DOI.ONE system provides a technical and social infrastructure for the registration and use of persistent interoperable identifiers, called DOIs, for use on digital networks. This is Registered under as a Company and Provide Digital object infrastructure for agency and Publisher.

Resolve a DOI.ONE Name

Type or paste a DOI.ONE name, e.g. 10.1000/xyz123, into the text box below. (Be sure to enter all of the characters before and after the slash. Do not include extra characters, or sentence punctuation marks.)
Clicking on a DOI link (try this one: 10.1000/xyz123) takes you to one or more current URLs or other services related to a single resource. If the URLs or services change over time, e.g. the resource moves, this same DOI will continue to resolve to the correct resources or services at their new locations.